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Jet Ski & Boat Rentals!

Seattle Jet Ski Rental – Located in Kenmore, WA

North part of Lake Washington to serve you best

We rent our Jet Skis & Boat EXCLUSIVELY.  What this means is we rent by appointment only, as we want to give our full attention to every guest.  We DO NOT take walk-ins, we are only able to accommodate scheduled appointments.  Upon schedule confirmation pick up/drop off location will be confirmed.

There are so many adventurous things you can do on the water but the thrill of Jet Skiing will give you a fun filled adrenaline rush never experienced before, so hook up with the best Seattle Jet Ski Rental (now in North Lake Washington) today for the opportunity to enjoy this fun filled water sport.

Lake Washington is not all about the cruising boats and sailboats anymore! If you love the soaring wind on your face as you Jet Ski through the magnificent large body of fresh water, then this is the right place to enjoy your next water sport adventure!!

Our Jet Ski Rentals on Lake Washington services are unmatched in the region, mainly because we understand that you need to explore the thrill of Jet Skiing in a very safe way. We strive to make it more than 100% safe for our clients.

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Your Ultimate Seattle Jet Ski Rental on Lake Washington

If you want a remarkable experience in water sports full of the adrenaline thrill you have always desired, then this is the perfect opportunity to embark on a memorable Jet Skiing journey only unique to the Lake Washington. Contact us today and we will show you that we are more than a five star Seattle Jet Ski Rental service provider.

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Load/Unload - at Kenmore Boat Launch 

~ Please remember to arrive 25-30 prior to your appointment start time for paperwork and training.  SJR is not responsible for wait times at the boat launch.
Kenmore Boat Launch Address