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Jet Ski & Boat Rentals!



Q: What are the age requirements?
A: You must be 21+, with a valid driver’s license & major credit card to rent and drive a Jet Ski or Boat. Riders are allowed from 8+
Q: Do I pick up the Jet Ski from you, or are they already in the water?
A: Pick up/drop off location is located at the Kenmore Boat Launch:
17150 68th Ave NE, Kenmore, WA 98028
Q: Can I rent the Jet Skis and take them to another location?
A: No.  They can not go into salt water, or bodies of water that are no wake zones.  Example would be Lake Union, that entire lake is a no wake zone.  The Jet Skis will over heat, and damages will be renter responsibility.
Q: Can I share my rental with multiple people/riders?
A: Unfortunately not. The rental will be valid for the original renter and rider(s) only. Violations of this policy can result in loss of security deposit.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: Please refer to the Jet Ski Pricing and Boat Pricing for details
Q: How much is the deposit?
A: Each Jet Ski requires a $1,000.00 deposit.  Boat deposit is $2,500.00
Q: How early should I arrive for my appointment to fill out paperwork and do safety training?
A: We recommend 25-30 minutes prior to your start time. This will vary depending on the amount of people in your party
Q: Where do I go?
A: Please bring your completed paperwork to the Kenmore Boat Launch.  This is where we will launch the Jet Skis and Boat into the water for your daily rental.  17150 68th Ave NE, Kenmore, WA 98028
Q: What type of Jet Ski do you rent?
A: We rent SeaDoo Sparks, we have 2015 & 2016 models.  The Boat rental is a 2015 Yamaha AR240
Q: Can I rent/ride a Jet Ski if I’m pregnant?
A: Unfortunately our insurance carrier will not allow us to rent to pregnant women for their safety. We do hope to serve you & your little one in the future

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Load/Unload - at Kenmore Boat Launch 

~ Please remember to arrive 25-30 prior to your appointment start time for paperwork and training.  SJR is not responsible for wait times at the boat launch.
Kenmore Boat Launch Address